Party and Birthday Guidelines

Party and Birthday Guidelines


The faculty and staff of Cambridge School recognize that, on occasion, it is appropriate for our classroom communities to celebrate together as a class to mark a special event or the birthday of a classmate. While these events do provide a social learning opportunity, they do impede upon precious academic learning time. The following guidelines are designed to allow for classroom parties and birthday recognitions, without unnecessarily infringing upon academic time.

Class Parties

Historically, there have been several PTO-sponsored class parties each school year. These parties have been on Halloween, the last day of school prior to winter break, and the last day of school. Classroom teachers are assisted in the planning of the class parties by the designated PTO Room Parents.
Refreshments for class parties should include light snacks and beverages with an emphasis on healthy snack choices such as cheese, crackers, fruits and vegetables. The class party may include craft activities or games organized by the room parent, but these kinds of activities are not required.
Class parties are to be scheduled near the end of the school day and are limited to a maximum duration of one hour, which includes time for cleaning up the classroom. All plans and details for class parties must be reviewed and approved by the classroom teacher before being finalized by room parents. Parent participation in class parties is limited to the designated room parent and a maximum of two other parent helpers.

Student Birthday Celebrations

If you would like to have a short class birthday acknowledgement for your child, please speak with your child’s teacher in advance. Parents should be mindful of the district’s nutritional policy as well as the dietary restrictions of students in the classroom. These birthday recognitions are short (ten minutes) and limited to the classroom community. Parents are asked to drop off the treats in the main office, and these treats will be delivered to the classroom.
Goody bags are not allowed. The school will not permit bouquets of balloons and other celebratory decorations to be sent to the classrooms. These can be distracting to students’ learning.
Birthday party invitations are not to be distributed at school. Please send such invitations via the U.S. Mail system.